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Welcome to ICT Australia

The capacity to innovate and adapt is one of the Australia's strongest qualities and has made the Australian market for information and communication technologies (ICT) a sophisticated, internationally recognised place to invest.

Australia has a world-class ICT sector that has provided substantial investment returns for foreign investors. Information on the ICT sector's key areas of strength and the considerable advantages that have put Australia in front of the pack for developing emerging technologies is included here.

Australia has made a considerable investment in communications infrastructure, research and development facilities, and advanced skills and training. This is all reflected in the ICT market's strong growth in recent years.

Always early developers and adopters of innovative solutions, Australia is a nation of sophisticated ICT users who eagerly embrace new technology and a market that is extensively used by leading international companies as a test bed for new applications.

Sophisticated Market

It is a market supported by a strong research community and network of advanced laboratories. Worldwide collaboration and innovative solutions contributes to Australia's strong international research reputation.

Research and Development

As Australia offers some of the most competitive prices for IT skills and research among industrial nations, it has become a leading centre for IT support facilities catering to clients across the Asia Pacific and the world.

Skills and Expertise

A large ICT market in its own right, international companies include Australia in their global business strategies as both an excellent opportunity for new sales and to site regional headquarters serving Asia Pacific markets.

Global Business

Australia's innovative software applications in cutting edge fields including electronic Entertainment, e-security, intelligent transport systems, photonics and wireless communications offer golden opportunities for investment in Australian ICT.

The Australian Government has demonstrated that it is responsive and open to the development of the ICT industry, and is encouraging foreign direct investment as well as export market expansion.

Government Support

For investment in advanced technology in an open, competitive and dynamic business environment, look no further than Australia - the future is here.

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